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Madagascar Trade

Investing and doing business with a great Island of opportunity



Article from L’Express
Louise Fox (centre) Responsible for Madagascar Trade, is interested in the varieties of beans Miandrivazo,
seen here at the Agricultural Fair in October, 2012
The festival debut of Laingon'i Betsiriry was marked by the presence of national and international operators.
A fact welcomed by farmers in search of opportunities.

When supply meets demand. Traders responded to the invitation of the Platform bean Miandrivazo.
It was at the festival "Laingon'ny Betsiriry" organized by this group since Thursday to Miandrivazo.
According to Randriamanjary Rado, general secretary of the platform, "we invited fifty operators specialized in
Everyone did not come but some still made the trip. "It is not only local operators who came to meet Miandrivazo
beans. Invited by the Ministry of Commerce, was Louise Fox, Head of Madagascar Trade, an agency specializing in
trade with Madagascar. She showed great interest in the exhibits and even asked to take samples.
"The Indian community is important in South Africa. I think these bean varieties, good quality, might have success
there, "she says. Very familiar with Madagascar and its reputation as a sample, she did not hide her concern about
the ability of the Malagasy to fulfill orders.

"It may be that producers mix good and bad products," yet supported Louise Fox. It is for this reason that she
plans to work directly with producers, so she decides to import beans Miandrivazo to South Africa.
Other experts beans also came to attend the opening of the festival. These emissaries of the bean improvement
network in Central Africa and East Africa.
"I am pleasantly surprised that the beans we exchanged with Madagascar are visible at the festival. We also find
that the products are standard and can be recommended for export. They can face the international market if the
country can organize the sector, "argued John Albert Mbikay Nkonko, chairman of the steering committee of the
He came along with the regional coordinator of the network. Despite these words of praise, Colonel Faharo
Ratsimbalison, Chief Menabe region warned that "even if we can find a market, it will not help if we do not marry
quality over quantity. We can no longer think in terms of bags but in terms of container and boat. "

Judicaëlle Saraléa
Saturday, October 6, 2012